East Jena Baptist Church
Thursday, July 27, 2017
Where Jesus is Lord
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New Prayer List

East Jena Baptist Church
March 20, 2016
Church Family
Aldis/Sonny Smith Dina/Ron Liles Mamie Hardwick
Angie/Wallace Walker Douglas Robertson Marie Tillar
Ashley/Renea Smith Donnie Faye Joiner Mary Cupples
Barbara/Robert Richardson Duck/Sandra/Dustin Hopkins Mena Poole
Betty Brown Edith/Dosier Norris Nancy Boyd McCool
Betty/Curtis Sisom El Jackson Preston Webb
Billy Nellums Frances Allmon Ricky Lanier
Bonnie McKinney
Glynda Ordoyne Ronald/Joan Andrews
Buddy/Betty Weaver Glynda Robertson  Rosemary Smith
Burl/Mary Clark Heather/Casen Reeves  Ruby/Buddy Henry
Cindy/Josh Fogleman    
James Hardy  Shawn Tarver
Clarence Durham Jerry Pace  Shirley Hatten
Cory Dotson
Jimmy Dale Smith Somer Cooper
Danna/Kaitlyn Walker Johnnie Andrews Sue Brooks
David/Mary McKinney Kenneth Cruse
Terry/Billi King 
 Denzil Henderson
 Kit Walker
 Thomas/Niease Lytle
 Lauralei Culp  Velda Keene
   Lois McMillin  Vicky Crooks
Jennifer Boyd Leroy Gibson Inez Keene
Leona Johnson Geraldine Lytle Joyce Finlay
Ozelle Adams  Estelle Sanders  Shirley Elliott
Nursing Home
Abiding Grace Ministry LaSalle Association Wayne/Carolyn Brown
Armed Forces Paul Gill Ministry Shayne/ Marilyn Duke
Derek Kitterlin Juan & Lupe Messina Paul Dailey Ministry
Kingdom Builders Trevor Patterson Scotty McDowell Ministry
Leaders of Our Country Extreme Missions Missionary Raymond Johnson
Florintine Clipa Buddy/Sue Willis Justin Meredith
 Jacob Crawford Plaucheville Ministry   
Special Prayer Emphasis

Ron Liles
Bro. Ronnie Tarver
Buddy/Sue Willis
Donald Hopkins
Prison Ministry
Addison Curtis Jackie Cockerham Raymond Tucker
Addison Tibet Jacob Vollm and fm Ricky Gresham
Ainsley Poole James Paul Rita Andrews
Amber Joiner Jan Huffman Ron Johnson
Angela Couch Jean Joiner Weaver Ronald Liles Jr.
Ashley/Leah Whittington Jennifer McClure Sally Joiner
Ashton Russ Jerry Bass  Sally Wilson
Bertha Howard Jerry Wilson and fm Sam Routon
Beverly Bell Jimmy LaBoree Sam Speaks
Brandon Wilson Jimmy Lewis Sammie Armour
Bro. Ed Lacy Jimmy Sant Scott/Tyler Cruse
Bro. Reid Terry Jimmy Thornhill Scotty Taylor
Bruce Wallace John McDonald Sherry Dillard
Burl Huffman John Reeder Slagle/Wilma McGuffee
Candace Clark Johnny & Jane Phillips Susan Johnson
Chester Hutchins Josh Walker Terry Waits fm
Claude Dearmon J. T. Cowgill Tim Posey
Clyde Sanchez Karl Richards Tina Mayo
Craig Walker Kathleen McEntyre Tony Wilson
Danny McDowell Kay Wiley Tracy Liles
Dena Campbell Kaylin Welch Velta Edwards
Diane Hisaw Kenneth Tate Vera Lavell
Dillon Stevenson Kim Decker Walt Finlay
Donna Boyette LaDonna Gill Ward Riscili
Donna Kirkland Logan Andrews Wayne Clark
Donnie Robertson Mack Lutrick Winners Bennett
Donnie Shepard Marilyn Callender Yvonne Barron
Doug and Martha Tubre Martha Hanson Yvonne Brazzell
Elsie Poole Mary Eva Windham  
Everette Stanfield Melba Huffman  
Fran Rappard Melissa Doucet  
Francis Prudhomme Mike Bennet  
Fred Powell Mike Price  
Gabriel Oswalt Misty Hardwick  
Gary Siemons N. H. Poole  
Gayla Enterkin Natalie Grace Jones  
Gerald Huffman Odessa Achord  
Geraldine Foster Pam Cowgill  
Glen Franklin Peggy Whitehead  
Harvey Joe Price    
Hadyn McCoy    
Heather Johnston    
Helen Clauss    
Helen Isca    


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